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Along the way, we have been blessed to meet many people that have been adopted, adopted children, or are in the process of adopting children.  On the plane ride over as well as in our hotel,  we met several people that were coming over for their Embassy or court appointments.  Each family has an amazing story to tell about how God lead them to adoption and their journey.  Some journeys have been short and others long (two plus years).  But each has a story that has deepened their understanding with unique twists and turns that Glorify God and show Him to be Sovereign. 


We have journeyed a little over one year for seen God work in mighty ways to bring Hannah Goteytom, Rebecca Alganesh, and Solomon Teame into our lives.  There were times when the journey seemed long and "tough" but we are glad, no grateful that God brought us on this journey.  HE has helped us understand his GREATER plan of adopting us into HIS family.


Meredith and Jim

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A visit with Grandpa was our first stop upon arriving in Utah.  Grandpa Walker lives in an assisted living facility in Orem, Utah.  It didn't take long for Hannah, Rebecca, and Solomon to find entertainment on their own (and to think that I was a bit worried about them being entertained du...
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