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In Less Than 24 Hours


Jim and I arrived in Washington D.C. last night.  We leave for Addis, Ethiopia this morning.  It's hard to believe that in less than 24 hours, we will be with Rebecca Alganesh, Hannah Goteytom, and Solomon Teame.  Our friend Leisa and her girls Sophia and Selah brought us to the airport yesterday.  Their cute faces are in the pictures above!!  Leisia has been a wonderful support to us along the way.  We love her girls!!





The Libbey Children Are Coming Home


This morning, we woke up to an email at 4 am indicating that the birth parent interview was complete.  The embassy requested three possible interview dates.  We were given an Embassy Visa interview date of Tuesday, October 2nd.  Praise God!!   He has been so faithful!!  We will soon be traveling.


Parent Interview Scheduled


The Embassy in Addis, Ethiopia recently contacted us and informed us that an interview with our children's biological father has been scheduled for Tuesday, September 18th.  This is one of the final steps before our children can home.  After this step, the Embassy will contact us and request three possible interview dates with us.  This means that we will be leaving for Addis very soon (probably the last weekend of September).  Very Exciting!!!


Meredith :)


Submitted to Embassy


Early this morning, we received an email indicating that our adoption case for Alganesh, Goteytom, and Teame had been submitted to Embassy.  Yeah!!  Praise God!!  We knew it might be today as adoption cases are only reviewed and submitted on Wednesdays.  Next, the Embassy will conduct a parent interview (which make take up to 3-4 weeks to be scheduled) and review our case which may take another couple weeks.  Our kids are moving closer to being home with us!!

Very Excited!!

Meredith :)


A Visit to Allen, Texas


The night before we left for Tulsa to pick up our van, I was talking to my brother Brian over the phone.  He informed me that his family only lived a few hours from Tulsa.  After I was off the phone, I spoke to Jim (who was half asleep) and asked him if we could go visit my brother.  He said "sure". 


After he woke up and was alert, Jim said "Meredith, it's four hours south of the direction home".  I replied "it will be an adventure".  We ended up traveling to Allen, Texas and had an enjoyable time with my brother and his family.  Jim was glad that we went too.  Love you guys!


Meredith :)


We Bought A Van!


Last Saturday, Jim and I went van shopping.  It wasn't how we expected to spend our day.  First, we dropped by to see Kathryn where she works at Carmax.  While there, we looked at some vans. 


Next, we went to a Toyota dealer.  There was only one van that we liked but it was above our price range.  The car salesman asked us what we wanted in a van.  Meredith said that we wanted a van with low miles, the year of the van wasn't that important, possibly leather seats, and within a certain price range.  We really wanted a "rear back up camera" to see the kids but figured we could purchase this later.  The salesman looked at Meredith and said "you are not going to find it for that price". 


We came home and found a 2007 Honda Odyssey with 24,000 miles on Ebay within our price range!!  It had a wheelchair lift that we could remove and was located in Tulsa, Olklahoma.  In addition, it has navigation and a DVD player.  God provided!! 


The following weekend, we traveled down to Tulsa to purchase our new van.  We love it!


Meredith and Jim :)


Passports Processed


We just received news that passports for Alganesh, Goteytom, and Teame have been processed.  Yeah!!  Only a couple more steps in the process.  Next, a medical evaluation will be conducted with each of our children.  Then, a parent interview is held.  And the final step, we are submitted to Embassy!!


Our Kids Are Almost Home!!

Meredith :)


Our Kids Are In Addis


Our kids traveled down to Addis, Ethiopia today by plane with their nannies.  It's a very exciting step as it brings us one step  closer to having them home.  Our hearts go out to the loving nannies and help that took care of our kids for many months.  We are forever grateful to you!!


Meredith :)


Birth Certificates


One more step in our adoption process has occurred.  The birth certficates for each of our kids has been processed with their new names.  The pictures on the birth certificates were taken when our children arrived at the care center.  They have grown in many ways. 


In Ethiopian culture, children are given the father's middle names.  On each of the birth certificates "James" is listed for each child.  When we re-adopt our children in the United States, we are plannning to give them the first names of "Rebecca", "Hannah", and "Solomon".  Their middle and name used at home will be their current name of "Alganesh", "Goteytom", and "Teame".  Very exciting to see their name as "Libbey"!!


Meredith :)


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