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Today is our final day in Addis.  This evening, we will be flying back to America with our kiddos.  The girls are so excited to come.  Each day they wake up and tell Jim and I how many days until we leave.  Yesterday, we went activity the girls love!! We found some Ethiopian dresses for the girls and a chair for Teame. 


The girls have been practicing greeting others in America.  They delight in using their newly learned phrase with adults and children everywhere we go. 


In our hotel room, there is a kitchen.  Teame has made himself comfortable and has been opening cupboards and drawers.  When at restaurants, he is more comfortable with leaving Jim and I and explores the area near our table area.  We are so proud of him!!


God has blessed us with the precious gift of FAMILY.  We are very THANKFUL to HIM for his gift of love.  The Libbey family looks forward to seeing you soon in America or as the girls would say "today, America"!!




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