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An Ethiopian Experience At School

Hannah and Rebecca's teacher has done a wonderful job of embracing the girls culture and heritage.  From the beginning, she has wanted our family to come and present about Ethiopia.  And we finally had our opportunity today.


When the subject was initially brought up, Rebecca and Hannah wante ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with it!!  They both informed me that they did not want to teach other kids in their class about Ethiopia or words in their language.  I had been told that this might happen by other parents that had adopted children.  To be honest, I was a bit surprised that it was happening so soon!  Eventually, they embrace their culture. 


When I further inquired with Hannah for her reasoning, she said "I am in America!"  emphatically.  I was able to convince Rebecca that we could have a secret language and that she could teach me words in Tingrinya.  She is a great teacher.  She taught me words of "tokre" for hair, "unka" for bracelet,
"hambasha" for bread, and many others.  She is a sweetie and amazed at my ability to pick up on the language!! 



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