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Today was a very special day in the "Libbey" family history.  All five of us went for a visa interview with at the United States Embassy in Addis, Ethiopia. 


Just before we left, I thought Jim had my passport.  After looking through all the luggage and having only 20 minutes before we needed to arrive for our interview, we decided to take a copy of my passport that we had in the hope that security would allow us through the Embassy doors.  Just when we arrived, Jim said would your passport be in your carrier around my neck.  Yes!!  That would be it.  Thank goodness, we found it!! 


The Embassy approved our case and provided us with the official birth certificates for Alganesh, Goteytom, and Teame.  On Thursday, we will receive the approved Ethiopian passports and Visas for our kids and we are ready to return to America.  Two days and counting!!  Our girls are very excited to come to America.  It's all about the adventure.


Meredith :)

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