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Each day is easier for Solomon Teame.  When he first came to the hotel with us, it was a bit of a transition.  He cried for almost 2 hours......he really missed the nannies who have loved him so much!!  Initially, he only wanted to be held by Jim and I.  The next day, we were able to get a few smiles and found his "tickle" spots.  Yesterday, while in the hotel, he babbled, said the girl's names, laughed, and walked around. 


Rest time did not happen.....all he wanted to do was talk and laugh.  It even seemed that Teame was singing a song at times.  He kept mom up with his teasing nature. 


It's been a JOY to see him grow in his security with Jim and I.  It's very similar to God's love for each of us.  As we grow in our understanding and relationship of HIM, we can rest in HIS peace and provision. 




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A visit with Grandpa was our first stop upon arriving in Utah.  Grandpa Walker lives in an assisted living facility in Orem, Utah.  It didn't take long for Hannah, Rebecca, and Solomon to find entertainment on their own (and to think that I was a bit worried about them being entertained du...
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