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Well everyone, including Mom is fast asleep.  Solomon is laughing in his sleep about something he is dreaming about, which happened to wake me out of my thoughts of the abc song and Jesus loves me running through my head.  


It is quiet here in the hotel, something I looked forward to this afternoon as three children  went in different directions here in the mid afternoon "Napless, quietless time" we did not plan on having with the entire family.


I have a better understand how Custer felt on his last stand, but we will live for  another  adventure packed day that can only be had here in Ethopia.


We made new friends on our trip to the Entoto mountains high above Addis Abba, enjoyed fellowship with others from America and Ethopia, we where blessed with diaper wipes, after discovering we left them behind at the hotel, a Pastor from Florida came to our rescue  and saved us all from a long smelly hot ride back from the tour site.


It is such a privilege to be here,  We have meet so many amazing people, and so many others are around to help as we are in need.  We praise GOD for each one of you that have made this possible!


The people are so loving, caring and beautiful in this place, it has left a new completely different view of Ethopia and the land that gave us these three beautiful children. I can see why so many people, we have talked to in the past, have fell in love with the country, its people and struggles.


Good Night from Ethiopia




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A visit with Grandpa was our first stop upon arriving in Utah.  Grandpa Walker lives in an assisted living facility in Orem, Utah.  It didn't take long for Hannah, Rebecca, and Solomon to find entertainment on their own (and to think that I was a bit worried about them being entertained du...
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